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    Help us bring more SEATRACs near you!

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    Help us bring more SEATRACs near you!

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    Help us bring more SEATRACs near you!

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    Help us bring more SEATRACs near you!

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It started when we were young. All of us liked to take things apart and put them back together, much to our parents chagrin. Luckily there was a profession that catered to this madness called engineering and it helped to professionalize our inherent tendencies.

It wasn’t enough though to build stuff. We wanted it to be more than useful. We wanted it to be life changing. So we went from thing to thing for a while and then while hanging out with a new friend it happened. We found the purpose that ticked all of the boxes. Our friend is just like us, but has a different way to get around. He uses a wheelchair. Just like us he loves the Greek summers that always include the sea.

He shared with us that he was tired of asking for assistance to get in and out of water. After the initial surprise that there is nothing in the market that can assist, we started to work on a solution that incorporated all of the needs to achieve this.

This is the origin story of Seatrac. Thanks to Professor Vassilis Kostopoulos and the initiator Gerasimos Fessian, vice-prefect of Prefecture of Achaia at that time, we secured the first location and when the product became viable we founded TOBEA LTD in 2012 in order to continue deployment and develop more products.

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Person using seatrac going into the sea


We have many products to access the Sea. Do you want to find us?
Or do you have questions? Or do you want to get one?

Engineering Stuff

This is one of our favorite sections because we get to show our engineering creativity.

Your Seatracs

Check the map of all the installations, find your Seatrac and read interesting information.
Map of SEATRAC installations


We have curated a list with our most frequently asked questions and their answer.
Visit our FAQ's Section

Get One

We are so happy that you are interested in adding a SEATRAC to your beach and beach access in general. Since each beach is unique we need to speak with you to give specifics. In general, we follow this process.



Chivas Ventures Competition

In 2018 TOBEA was awarded national champion in the Chivas Venture.

The highest honors of our originality

SEATRAC holds Greek (Patent No.1008398) and United States patent (Patent No. US 9,127,411 B2). TOBEA has already applied for a patent to the European Patent Office (Application No. EP 10752921.6). A freedom to operate analysis has already been conducted without revealing any problems. The device conforms to the applicable essential requirements of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC, RTTE directive 1999/5/EC, council recommendation 1999/519/EC, of 12 July 1999 based on the relevant sections of the associated specifications. SEATRAC has a Community Trade Mark identification no. 012587887 registered 25/11/2014. We have two industrial designs no. 003851039-0001/003851039-0002 and 001463871-0001.

Greece Innovates Award

In 2013 we were awarded with the first prize for innovation at the second competition “Greece Innovates!” sponsored by SEB and Eurobank.

European Business Awards

TOBEA was awarded national champion on innovation on EBA (European Business Awards) in 2015.



We love listening to our friends’ problems because we like to solve them. Does that make us weird?
Join us if you feel creative enough!

  • Ignatios Fotiou


    Ignatios Fotiou


    Head weirdo, engineer, holds 2 patents and has come up with some interesting things...
    Likes breaking, fixing and driving cars.

  • Stavros Katsiaounis

    Technical officer

    Stavros Katsiaounis

    Technical officer

    The definition of a multi-tasking guy… organizing, supplying, designing, writing proposals, getting into icy waters for installing SEATRACs.
    He reads humorous, science and philosophical books and of course as a big M. Jordan fan he loves to play basketball.

  • Niki Papageorgiou


    Niki Papageorgiou


    She lets us spend money and tells us when we are making it too, aka "the purse"
    Loves walking together with an adorable creature with wagging tail, wet nose and tiny paws.

  • Panagiota Kelverkloglou

    Project Lead

    Panagiota Kelverkloglou

    Project Lead

    She is an engineer with a passion for arts. Well…an Artistic Engineer!
    She loves making artistic things and listening at the same time to nice music!

  • Natalia Laina

    Office Assistant

    Natalia Laina

    Office Assistant

    She is two-timing it, office in the morning, fighting crime - aka engineering problems - in the afternoon.
    Enjoys staying under water and loves giving a voice to her ukulele!

  • Aristotelis Samantas


    Aristotelis Samantas


    Trained in mechanical engineering in Germany. Das ist gut.
    So he’s our perfectionist that implements all designs.

  • George Zoumponos

    Technical Officer

    George Zoumponos

    Technical Officer

    The quiet type. We can never tell if he’s thinking of something brilliant that will blow our minds, or his grocery list. He’s a man of mystery.
    Enjoys watching sci-fi and reading history.

  • Persefoni Bertzou


    Persefoni Bertzou


    Some years ago she was just painting with colors, now she is branding everything with colors.
    She loves hiking and sunny days.

  • George Stamatopoulos


    George Stamatopoulos


    Underneath his full of numbers face, here is a guy that you really want to work with.
    He loves fishing more than sleeping.




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