Virtus Vita

Vacation Packages For Disabled People

Disabled people now can enjoy great vacations

TOBEA Ltd. is a company which aims to improve the quality of life of people with kinetic disabilities. Wishing therefore to enhance this effect, provides assistance in the effort of Virtus Vita, to organize holidays for disabled people, offering to the latter the knowledge that is needed about the problems and needs of people with kinetic disabilities. The last few years, TOBEA Ltd provides important work in improving the quality of life of people with kinetic problems, with the innovative device which enables sea access to the disabled, SEATRAC. Knowing this, Virtus Vita company calls its support for the new project by obtaining part of the knowledge –which TOBEA has collected through the years- in order to offer vacation packages fully adapted to the needs and requirements of these people. TOBEA Ltd. helps and supports Virtus Vita and its effort to offer vacation packages to people with disabilities, with a view to continue its work to improve the living standard of people with kinetic disabilities.

A few words about Virtus Vita

 Virtus Vita is a global organization, which combines dialysis and vacations at the same time, running for many years. Virtus Vita has successfully accomplished to fulfill the desire and wish of every nephropathic person. People who suffer from nephropathy and are in need of dialysis can enjoy their vacations in every exotic destination, without being in danger or detaining their treatment, grace to this organization. The long term existence and the experience of Virtus Vita, has created powerful collaborations with top clinics and successful doctors in renal care sector all over the world, needless to say with advanced hotels too. As a result, people who suffer from nephropathy can safely enjoy their holidays, without being stressed for their medical care as they are treated by experienced doctors who are responsible for their wellbeing and for their daily treatment.Simultaneously, Virtus vita has become an expert at the provision of information to the relatives and to those who take care of nephropathic people during their vacations.

Accessible vacations to people with kinetic disabilities

 Virtus Vita by utilizing Tobea’s Ltd knowledge and experience for disabled people’s problems and their special needs and also by using its collaborations with top hotels for disabled people, provides:

  • Package holidays to kinetic disabled people, which are totally planned according to their needs.
  • Package holidays which are certificated from respectful travel organizations.
  • A wide number of hotels in Greece and in Cyprus too, which are totally accessible.
  • It also provides the opportunity to choose between 28 different destinations, where SEATRAC has already been installed.

There is a continuously growing list of potential holiday destinations with fully accessible beaches for kinetic disabled people due to TOBEA’S Ltd work as it installs more and more devices every year.

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