Who we are

Founders and TOBEA Ltd are Ignatios Fotiou and George Sotiriadis.

Along with Professor Vassilis Kostopoulos they formed the research group that carried out the collaborative project of AML and former Prefecture of Achaia. The initiator of the project was Gerassimos Fessian, vice-prefect at that time. All four of them along with the University of Patras are holders of the European Patent (pending) that covers the SEATRAC product.

Ignatios Fotiou and George Sotiriadis continued the work towards the commercial development of the SEATRAC through the spin-off scheme of TOBEA Ltd.

Ignatios Fotiou

Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineer


Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras. Moreover, he is a PhD candidate at the Applied Mechanics Laboratory and a Research Engineer on Manufacturing and Testing. Focusing mainly on manufacturing analysis, composite materials  In his leisure time his avocations include travelling, literature and automotive from car tuning to improving his driving skills. Being part of the establishment of TOBEA is a great opportunity to help the less privileged members of the community and extinguish discriminations towards the disabled, by applying technical and manufacturing knowledge and communicative skills.

George Sotiriadis

Mechanical Engineer, PhD


George Sotiriadis is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras, where he also completed his PhD. His main research interests are composite materials (manufacturing, mechanical characterization) and Non Destructive Testing. In his free time he likes riding his motorbike, or doing some extreme sports in the Greek countryside. As the proud co-owner of TOBEA he dreams of a company that will bring joy in the lives of the disabled through innovative products and services in the direction of accessibility and equal opportunities.

Panagiotis Fytrakis

Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineer

Panagiotis was born in Athens. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Department of the University of Patras. During his studies, he had the opportunity to work in the Applied Mechanics Laboratory where he concluded his diplomatic assignment. After the fulfillment of his military obligations he worked as a freelancer engineer. Working for Tobea gives him the privilege to join a team of people who are full of passion and imagination and also the chance to improve his engineering skills by contributing to the development of something unique, which can enhance the lives of those who are in need.

Panagiotis Fytrakis

Zoumponos Giorgos
Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineer, PHD

Giorgos was born in Athens. He has a PhD, in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, from the Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering Department of the University of Patras, where he also completed his bachelor degree. He is studious and enjoys reading literature and cycling.

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